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Battle of the Gauge

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Oh, I how I struggle with gauge. 20 stitches x 36 rows should produce the perfect 4x4 inch square, right? - Almost Never!!

When gauge matters

When gauge matters - sweaters, hats - any garment that requires shaping for a specific fit.

When gauge doesn't matter - scarves, potholders, anything knit straight where the size can be within stitches of the pattern.

When gauge matters, there are so many questions when it comes to getting it right.

Do you go up a needle size? Or down?

Do you change the yarn you're using? Lighter or heavier weight?

Move up or down a size?

Do you block your swatch?

Or change your gauge? - The most frightening at all unless you are a pattern writer.

Where to go for help

Because gauge is critical to achieving the fit you want, don't hesitate to get help. My first recommendation is to visit your Local Yarn Shop. Some will help at no charge, but given the price of yarn, paying for 1 on 1 help to get your gauge right is worth it and you will build a skill that lasts a lifetime.

When I have an immediate need, I go straight to Staci Perry with Staci's YouTube Tutorials are so helpful and take me down the right path every time. Check it out!

One last tip. Most patterns suggest you create your swatch in stockinette stitch but if your patterns calls for using a specific portion of your pattern, do it! You won't regret it when it comes to accurate gauge.

When it comes to gauging - You Have Me In Stitches!

Happy gauging,

Lorri - Windy City Knitter


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